2019 BMX South Qld, Oxley Cycles Shootout Series

2019 Oxley Cycles Shootout Technical Guide


ROUND 1 JANUARY SAT. 12th, Ipswich BMX Club

ROUND 2 February SAT. 09th, Bayside BMX Club, Results Round 1&2 (Corrected)

*The scoring has been corrected so that Classes of 8 riders or less racing a 4th Moto. The Series Final Points will be awarded on the basis of overall place based on moto points. Updated 26/03/2019

ROUND 3 FEBRUARY SAT 23rd, Toowoomba BMX Club, Rounds 1 to 3 Results

ROUND 4 MARCH SAT 09th, Ashmore BMX Club, Rounds 1 to 4 Results

ROUND 5 MARCH SAT 23rd, Hinterland BMX Club, Results Round 1 to 5

ROUND 6 APRIL SAT 06th, Sleemans SX, Results Rounds 1-6

ROUND 7 APRIL SAT 27th, Centenary Plains BMX Club, Shootout Rounds 1-7 Final Results

2019 Shootout Series Final Results

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