Mylaps Transponders are now an integral part of BMX racing. Transponders give riders and coaches valuable data on the performance of the rider. At any level, riders can set their own P.B.s and set their own goals.

Hire Transponders

In 2014, BMX South Queensland made the decision to assist our clubs by purchasing our own Transponder System and lease 350x Classic Transponders for the use during Club, Zone and compliment the existing BMX Queensland inventory. This has been a significant investment to help our clubs and riders transition from manual to timed scoring. Over this period, all our clubs are now capable of running timed race meetings. A significant number of the clubs now own and operate their own timing systems.

TransponderClassic2The colour of a transponder indicates the ownership of the transponder. Red = Private Ownership, Orange/Blue = Leased Transponder from BMX South Queensland, Grey = Transponder hired directly from Mylaps. To avoid a violating your hire agreement, please ensure your speedy return of any transponder hired for an event.

We understand that under a variety of circumstances you may have forgotten to have 20171119_211257your transponder removed at the end of racing. Please contact the hiring organisation as soon as possible to organise the transponder’s return. A number of clubs in South Queensland will collect transponders on behalf of us.

You can also mail your transponder to us but donot use a standard envelope. They are not strong enough to withstand the Australia Post system. A Padded Mailer is inexpensive and is protected to get the transponder back to us. Parcel tracking is also recommended to avoid a dispute over delivery.

BMX South Qld, Mailbox 17, Sleemans Sports Complex, 1765 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler Q 4155

FlexTrans2Flex Transponders are the latest in timing technology and significantly cheaper than the classic round transponders.

Most clubs with Mylaps systems have transponders for sale or contact BMX South Queensland and we can organise a transponder.

BMX Australia & BMX Queensland no longer hire transponders to participate in their events. By September 2019, BMX South Queensland hire transponders will only be available in limited numbers to participate in BMX South Queensland events by new members or cover failures.

The USB connector enables the transponder to be connected directly to a laptop. This provides the status of the transponder and the subscription status. Transponders can not be charged via the USB. Prolonged connection via the USB can shorten the life of the transponder.

Own Your Own

Below is the 2018 RRP pricing from the Mylaps store (7th of Nov, 2018) plus freight is over $13.00. Check with your local club or BMX South Queensland who maybe able to offer you some reduced pricing.