2022/23 Management Committee (5 Members)

Chair: Geoff White,

orginial ass 7-227

Secretary: Darryl Stewart,

Treasurer: Chris Houghton,

Board Member: Debbie (Possum) Lockwood

Board Member: Gavin Williamson

Operational Sub-Committee Members:

2023 to be advised

The committee meets once a month on the 3rd Tuesday of each Month. Observers are welcome and need to contact the secretary to advise your attendance.

Constitution / Model Rules

2020 BMX South Queensland Constitution – Adopted 25Nov2020

*During the AGM held on the 25th of November 2020, all BMX South Queensland member clubs voted to continue BMX South Queensland Inc to operate as a “Club” affiliated to Auscycling. The adopted Constitution allows the organisation to continue operations and subsequently has been accepted as a Club under the Auscycling organisation.

2019 Model Rules

Qld Office Fair Trading Approval

*2019 Model Rules were adopted by the Club Delegates at the BMX South Queensland AGM, 1st of December 2018.

Our Auditor

Mr Martin Hassed B.Com CPA, MLH Accounting, 205 Leitchs Rd, Brendale 

FY22 BMX South Qld Audited Accounts

FY22 Auditor Management Letter

FY21 BMX South Qld Audited Accounts

FY21 Auditor Management Letter

FY20 BMX South Qld Audited Accounts

FY20 Auditor Management Letter

FY19 BMX South Qld Mgmt Letter

FY19 BMX South Qld Audited Accounts

FY18 BMX South Qld Mgmt Letter

FY18 BMX South Qld Audited Accounts

FY17 BMX South Qld Mgmt Letter

FY17 BMX South Qld Audited Accounts

Finance Presentations

FY22 Treasurer Presentation

FY21 Treasurer Presentation

FY20 Treasurer Presentation

FY19 Treasurer Presentation

FY18 Treasurer Presentation

FY17 Treasurer Presentation

FY16 Treasurer Presentation

Certificate of Currency

February 2023-February 2024 Certificate of Currency

Accounting Process

MYOB Essentials (Cloud Accounting)

Our Banking Partners

  1. Westpac
  2. Queensland Country Bank

Our Insurance Broker

  1. Coverforce 3LP Pty Ltd, 88 Limestone Street, Ipswich Q 4305


Refer Auscycling Policies click here.

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